Flying Qatar

Anyone who has some decency for another person respects ones’ assigned seat especially on a plane. Unfortunately, some people think it’s okay to take another persons paid assigned seat.

So I’m sitting patiently at the Qatar Airways gate at JFK airport, watching all the fools who are rushing to board the plane like they don’t already have an assigned seat. It’s finally time for me to board and I get to my seat and I see this lady sitting in my seat. For a minute I thought I made a mistake so I double check my ticket. I go on to tell the lady she’s sitting in my seat and her husband is trying to tell me to sit in some other seat in the middle section. And I’m thinking like, I paid for my window seat and I am sitting in my seat. First of all, I love watching the plane take off and I live for a window seat. Second of all, if the plane goes down and my paid assigned sit is a survivor, I’ll be forced to haunt them. So I keep repeating “That’s my seat. Um.. that’s my seat” and then a flight attendant comes over. Now the family is PISSED! They are going off in Arabic, not knowing I understand. I just kept standing there waiting for them to get up. I just love how they had no intentions of even asking me beforehand. They got real comfortable in my seat. I understand that they are a family and want to sit together. So normally, you should purchase a ticket early enough and make sure the seats are together. I don’t understand what the fuss was about. They apparently knew the guy at the edge of the middle row who was acting as their translator, why couldn’t they kick him out his seat? In the end, the “translator” sat in my row and someone else switched their seat so they could sit together in the middle section. They were grilling me the entire flight, I was peachy.


Thinking back maybe I should have rushed to board like those fools. Just kidding because I STILL GOT MY ASSIGNED SEAT!

Moral of the story: If you want to sit in a different seat you MUST ask before switching. You just don’t take it upon yourself to potentially sit in another persons seat. Don’t just assume it’s empty because there can be a standby and a flight attendant might scold you if don’t notify them about wanting to switch. I’ve seen it happen numerous times.

Screenshot_20160720-135644My view from up above. Somewhere over the Middle East.

Flying Qatar

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