Backpacking: The Beginning

20160607_014817It’s been two years since I’ve seen my friend Sonya. We had a few classes together in undergrad, and I remember discussing our dreams of traveling during aerobics. Fast forward to present day, she is living out her dream backpacking. It just didn’t make sense for us to link up in New York City, even though we lived like 15 minutes from each other at some point. We even worked in the same area, but catching up over lunch breaks is just sooo cliche! So, what better place than Thailand. I mean Thailand is approximately 8,509 miles from New York, 11hours ahead of New York, and if you’re lucky enough only an 18 hour flight and not the 24hrs that I had (give or take). Before I knew it, I quit my job and bought a ticket to Thailand. On a scale from terrified to excited, I was all of the above.

Stay tuned to read more about my first backpacking adventure. Check out to read about Sonya’s travel experiences!

Veni. Vidi. Amavi

We Came. We Saw. We Loved.
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